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Whenever Summer arrives, Different colors and flavors of Falooda come into the mind of everyone mind. If You’re a lover of falooda, Visit Hamza Flavas to enjoy the best taste of Falooda. Visit Hamza Flavas with your family to brings smiles on their faces and give your kids the best taste of our different Flavors.

ice cream

The most significant fixing in Ice Cream is cream! So we utilize simply the best. Presently, we have the best energy for Ice Cream, and our devoted group ventures to the far corners of the planet to source new items and elements for making a fresh, delicious taste. We Provide you the best Flavours on the Earth.

fresh juice

If you are tired, then BOOST Your Energy with the FRESH JUICES. Improve Digestion with Fresh juices and Make your skin more charming. With all these benefits, Hamza Falvas provides you the best taste And environment. You can make your day special whenever you want.

fresh shakes

Shakes are a point of interest in summers. Different flavors of shakes help you in vitalizing your body. Moreover, shakes add nutritions and calories to our diet. It maintains the glucose level of our body. Hamza Flavas is a great hub that provides you the best flavorful shakes. Shop now and enjoy our shakes.


Lassi is one of our traditional drinks. It maintains calcium levels in our bones and teeth and provides a soothing effect to the stomach. It is the drink of choice in summers. Visit Hamza Flavas to enjoy the best lassi. We are offering you both sweet and salted lassi as per your choice.

healthy chaat

Boredom of typical food items? Want to change the taste of your mouth? Want something delicious in snacks? Now you can add flavors to your life by our best variety of chaat and samosa. Our chaat is the best combination of different spices that gives very unique and mouth-watering taste. You can’t resist to try it.

tea and soup

For tea lovers, tea is must to start a new day. It keeps you active and energetic all the day. Shop Hamza Flavas for having tea of your choice. Soup is the starter of choice in winters that keeps your body warm. Visit Hamza Flavas and enjoy different tastes of soup.


If you love eating Pan, then be happy because Hamza Flavas will provide you the best fresh Chewing betel leaves. You can get Pan with all your favorite ingredients and make yourself stress-free and increase the body’s metabolic rate.


Food is life for foodie people who always think of food. Hamza Falvas is a great choice for such people. Want to eat something delicious and flavorful right now? Rush to Hamza Falvas and appetize your hunger with our mouth-watering and yummy food. You will surely enjoy our taste.


Desserts always have core importance in our lives. It is the tradition to serve desserts after having the main course. Desserts are also a sign of happiness as they are also served in different religious festivals and wedding functions. Hamza Flavas is offering you the finger-licking taste. Try it once and you will keep trying it.


We have become market leaders by offering traditional Products Like Falooda, Ice Cream, Sugarcane Juice, And Paan.
Falooda is an Pakistani Traditional cold dessert that is made with noodles. We serve the Ice Cream carrying Persian and Modern Days Flavours. Customary Sugarcane Juice With its Natural taste. Paan is an Pakistani after-supper treat that comprises a betel leaf (Piper betle) filled with chopped betel (areca) nut (Areca catechu) and slaked lime.

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